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Funeral Flowers: Hints to Buying the Right Ones

To send a bouquet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to empathise with a grieving family. You have to make sure though, that the blooms you choose do not signify happiness or a birthday celebration. As it happens, flowers represent different occasions, which is why you must select the right colour and kind. To help you make an easy pick, you should consider certain factors:

Type – You should buy spring flowers, as they are known to be a great option. If you do not know what they are and what they look like, then purchase anything that is white or red.

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Arrangement – A casket spray, for instance, will be placed on top of the coffin. This means that it would not be a good buy if you plan to send flowers during the memorial service. Instead, purchase a wreath or a fireside basket.

Price – How much you pay would usually depend on the complexity of the bouquet and the kind of blooms you order. But, if you truly share the sadness with the people who were left behind, then money would not be an issue.

Lastly, consider the time you will be sending it. If you want to give it weeks after the funeral, then choose something that will make the recipient smile. 

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