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Expressing Your Love through the Language of Flowers

People of the Victorian era extensively used lovely blooms to say a variety of messages to their special someone and such romantic practice lives on today. So, if you want to declare your affections or say sorry to your wife or girlfriend in a special way, buy her the right blossom.

1. Tulips – Purchase a white bouquet of this variety as a way to ask for forgiveness. Meanwhile, pink ones will tell your honey how much you care for her.

2. Orchids – To compliment your lady's beauty, show her your appreciation by buying a bunch of these delicate ornamental plants.

3. Carnations – Cheer your girl up with yellow varieties or express your gratitude for her presence by giving her pink ones.

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4. Chrysanthemums – Give your crush a hint that you are her secret admirer by purchasing these lovely blossoms.

5. Rose – While pink ones express your appreciation for the friendship you have with someone, red varieties typically expresses your exclusive affection.

Indeed, by buying the right flower for your beloved during special occasions, you can speak volumes about how you feel for her. So, contact Erica Blossoms to provide you with unique floral arrangements that will surely impress your woman.

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