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Flower care

We hope these care tips will educate, inform and inspire you. By following our simple instructions, you will gain extra life and pleasure from your flowers. Please call us with any questions about flower care and we'll be happy to help you.

Caring for cut flowers:

Fill a deep vase with lukewarm water and add the Flower Food we have provided. Ensure the vase is clean, as bacteria harms flowers.

If you run out off flower food just use clean fresh water and change daily

Take approximately 2cm off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors and remove leaves that will fall below the waterline.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat or draughts which can shorten flowers' lives and keep flowers away from fruit.

Top up the water regularly, and remove faded flowers as they occur.

Caring for arrangements:

Mix the Flower Food with water and pour into the vase or bowl supplied with the flowers.

Remember to protect your furniture by placing something under the arrangement.

Never let the oasis (green foam) dry out. Simply add water to the oasis daily and enjoy.

Just wanted to say how grateful Kaz and I are for your amazing effort in creating such beautiful flowers. They all looked amazing and you are a wonderful artist! Thank you so much.

Jo and Kaz. xx 13th February, 2010

Speciality flower care:

for lilums:

To prevent pollen stains, remove stamens by gently pulling them up out of the flower with a tissue.

Pollen stains can be brushed off or remove fallen pollen with cellotape. If pollen gets into the fabric, treat as you would an oil-based stain.

for tulips:

Tulips continue to grow after they are cut, stretching towards a light source.

Turn your vase occasionally to ensure an even growth of your tulips.

Never mix tulips and daffodils as daffodils emit sap which can contaminate the water.

Add water regularly - tulips are very thirsty!

Flowers are meant to be enjoyed, so with our flower care tips... you will!

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